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Want to join us as a working team? 

The ideal working team pairs a beginner or intermediate handler with a beginner or intermediate dog

If you and your dog are just starting your training partnership, you are just what we are looking for!  While we love expert dog teams, we’ve found that expert teams usually benefit more from applying the concepts we teach at home on their own, while beginner and intermediate teams get the most out of working with us at the seminar.

About the format

  • This seminar will feature both lectures and interactive portions to help attendees better understand the concepts presented.  Some activities will involve just the human learners, but the working teams will work with their dogs on a regular basis as well.

  • All working dogs should be able to relax while crated or tethered and be comfortable with both other dogs and new people.

  • With the exception of service dogs, only dogs who are registered as part of a working team are welcome at the seminar.  This is to help ensure everyone’s comfort and well-being.  Please leave your pets at home if you are not registered for a working spot!

Cute Dog

Should I audit or apply for a working spot?

If your dog doesn’t like group settings, growls or barks when people or dogs approach him or his stuff, or gets distressed when you are out of sight or interacting with another dog, an auditor spot is the perfect choice for you.  Auditors will be able to observe, assist, and participate in many of the activities.  After the seminar, you can teach your dog what you learned in the comfort of your own home.


If your dog is comfortable around new people and other dogs, has no significant history of resource guarding or separation anxiety, and is able to settle quietly in a crate or tethered on a mat between training sessions, a working spot may be the right choice for you.

NOTE: There are only 12 working spots available, so make sure to secure your spot early!

Apply now or email for more information.

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